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Eurobike 2024

Publication time:2023/07/27 Reading volume:931 Source: Shenzhen Kechuangqi Technology Co., Ltd.

【 Exhibition Time 】 July 03-07, 2024

【 Exhibition location 】 Frankfurt, Germany

[Exhibits] Off road vehicles, Mountain bike, sports bikes, baby carriages, BMX cars, racing cars, electric bicycles, Electric trike, Motorized scooter, pulleys, various bicycle parts and components as well as a series of products such as cycling tourism, sports supporting clothing, bags, sports protectors, tools, related accessories (helmets, locks, etc.), sports clothing safety warning products, etc.

Exhibition Introduction

The entire cycling world will turn its attention to Frankfurt. As the world's leading trade fair, EUROBIKE is a fixed point on the calendar of the Bicycle industry. Here, you can reap all the latest ideas, the best companies, and the latest trends. Eurobike Show is a leading global bicycle exhibition that opens up a leading direction for bicycle companies every year. It is a "network channel" for bicycles to acquire and compete with their trading partners, presenting itself to the media. At the same time, Eurobike exhibitions continue to generate additional benefits for businesses and exhibitions. Every year, the Eurobike exhibition also attracts over 20000 bike enthusiasts from Fritrix.