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2023 Shanghai International Bicycle Show

Publication time:2023/07/27 Reading volume:1011 Source: Shenzhen Kechuangqi Technology Co., Ltd.

Exhibition time: May 5th, 2023~May 8th, 2023 Opening hours: 09:00:00-18:00:00

Exhibition address: Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

Exhibition Industry: Bicycle

Organizer: China Cycling Association

2023 Shanghai International Bicycle Show - China Bicycle Show - Exhibition Introduction:

The Shanghai International Bicycle Show - China Cycle is one of the largest and most influential bicycle shows in the world. The China Bicycle Association was established in 1985 and is a national organization in the Chinese bicycle industry. It is a non-profit social organization and legal entity. It is voluntarily formed by manufacturers of bicycles, electric bicycles, and their components, as well as related production, trade, research, teaching units, and local associations.

The Shanghai International Bicycle Exhibition - China Bicycle Exhibition, with the theme of "Smart Manufacturing and Shared World", focuses on showcasing the cutting-edge technological level and product quality of the bicycle industry, showcasing the infinite possibilities that bicycles bring to the city, people's health, and entertainment life. It also showcases the new trend of high-end, branding, and internationalization in the development of bicycles, showcasing the intelligence, lithium-ion electrification, and lightweight of electric bicycles and motorcycles New achievements in fashion.

The Shanghai International Bicycle Show - China Cycle has become an international bicycle show that many industry professionals around the world must visit. In order to meet the needs of exhibitors, the number of exhibition halls at this year's China Exhibition has been increased by one from the previous edition, to six. At the same time, the layout of the exhibition halls has also been re planned. In addition to the bicycle museum, there are also separate areas for electric bicycles and motorcycles, children's bicycles, and outdoor cycling supplies. It is also an important venue for high-end European and American brands to enter the Chinese market and foreign professional audiences to seek Chinese partners. Every year, some new overseas exhibitors and new international brands appear.

2023 Shanghai International Bicycle Show - China Bicycle Show - Exhibition Range:

Bicycle exhibition area: Mountain bike, recreational bike, sports bike, baby bike, racing car, Folding bicycle, Kick scooter, etc

Electric bicycle exhibition area: electric bicycle, unicycle, balance car, solar electric vehicle, electric motorcycle, moped, Electric trike battery car, sightseeing tour car, electric moped, etc

Parts exhibition area: batteries, power lithium batteries, chargers, motors, controllers, instruments, frames, tires, locks, spokes, front forks, saddles, etc

Supporting exhibition area: cycling outdoor equipment, helmets, sports and leisure clothing, sports shoes, luggage, glasses, tools and related publications, testing, equipment material technology, etc

2023 Shanghai International Bicycle Show - China Bicycle Show - Exhibition Hall Information:

Shanghai New International Expo Center

Venue area: 300000 square meters

Exhibition Hall Address: No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China